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About me

Hi my name is Kalani Jules, I am a 11-year-old Chef and the founder of “Kooking with Chef Kalani”. Kooking with Chef Kalani started from inspiration when my mom and aunt had a taco night cook-off during the pandemic. It was a lot of fun and gave me the social interaction I was craving from not being in school. So, I thought to myself why can’t I do this with my friends every week!
A natural and talented child model and performer with immense skills, outgoing, and flawless abilities to walk, pose, take still shots, and delivering dialogue without missing lines.  Experience appearing in commercials and advertising.  Can play leading or supporting role according to the demand of the script.  Can re-enact movies and T.V. series.  Recites in Spanish when rehearsed. Great memory and love for the camera which lights up the scene.  She has the experience of appearing in commercials, print ads, fashion shows and live performances. Personality can give real character and life to any part.

When I started

That when Kooking with Chef Kalani was created. It is a weekly virtual interactive kids cooking show! It’s a fun way to connect with friends, explore healthy food options and most importantly learn new cooking skills. Every week we send out recipes and pick themes for holidays and have fun making different dishes. With our parent’s supervision of course!

Why I become a Chef

I created Kooking with Chef Kalani because It’s a fun way to connect with friends, explore healthy food options and most importantly learn new cooking skills. We not only host these shows, but we offer much more!

 Live cooking lessons

Live Virtual Entertainment

Cooking Instruction Birthday Parties

Show Host

Dance show Parties and etc.

This is why we are better than our competitors!

Business Goals

Since starting Kooking with Chef Kalani in April 2020 the business products and services have earned over a 3,000 in sales.  Pampered Host Party $1,857.00 Kitchen essentials.  Hosted over 25 shows weekly and 6 community paid services.  The goal for Kooking with Chef Kalani is limitless.  Future goals will include increasing sales in marketing services e.g. party host, cooking instructional classes and live entertainment.  Additionally, Kooking with Chef Kalani will expand the Pampered Chef line of products and develop a Chef Recipe cookbook.

Competitive Advantage

Kooking with Chef Kalani is the only child cooking show in the area that we are aware of, we have been on The Hampton Roads Show and will be appearing on many more cooking shows in the future!